Dana 44 Axles, Ford 8.8 and 9 Inch Axles, and More

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Custom axles for any application
We specialize in Dana 30, Dana 44 axles (both front and rear), Dana 60 front and rear axles as well as Ford 8.8 and Ford 9" rear axles. 


We can also build super custom axles like this Tru High 9 axle. High pinion 9" (NOT the 8.8 some call a High 9), SpiderTrax housing narrowed and fitted with Dana 60 outer C's, Dana 60 35 spline inner axle shafts, Dana 60 GM brakes, Detroit Locker, 5.38 gear ratio and custom suspension!!

Matched axle set packages.
Dana 44 axles—front and rear.
Bronco parts—Ford 8.8 and 9 inch axles.
Early Bronco parts—third members.
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Though we are experts in early Bronco parts, here at Bronco Connection we build axles for many applications other than Broncos and Jeeps.

Take a look in our Parts Store for axle parts and assemblies for many other applications.

Contact us for an estimate on the axles you are looking for.
402-316-3520 or email

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We have built many axles for Broncos, Jeeps, Ford Rangers, Chevy S 10s and Scouts. We also build axles for 1/2 and 3/4 ton IFS conversions.

You can find our axles and third members in many different types of Hot Rods like Mustangs, Camaros, coupes and rat rods as well as in flat track, stock and drag race cars. 

Our axles can be found in Hot Rods cruising around in London England, on the Autobahn in Germany, in off-road vehicles in Spain, running around in the Outback of Australia, and in nearly every state in the US and Canadian province.
Running 40" tires, our axles help make this rig one of the most "Bad Assed" rock crawlers around.

Custom High pinion Dana 60 front with a High pinion Dana 60 rear, 

Teraflex 5" suspension and TNT Hyline armor and fender kit lets this 2005 Unlimited LJ clear the 40" Goodyears with ease.

Yes, this is one of our Rock Crawlin toys.
Bronco Dana 30 axle assemblies with disc brakes
Yes, we can narrow and build High Pinion Dana 44 front axles for just about any application
We also straighten and narrow rear axles as well
Dana 44 rear axles as well
Here is a matched set of Dana 44 axles custom built for a customer who is going to install them in a Jeep.
We have narrowed this 9" rear axle and installed disc brakes for a customer in Sweden
We have even built 9" front axles for Jeep Wranglers
A totaled 2005 Jeep Wrangler Sport
Rebuilt into an awesome rock crawler with Dana 44 front and rear with air lockers running 37" meats. 
4" long arm Teraflex suspension and T&T Hyline armor kit.
2000 Jeep Wrangler POS

Transformed to a real "MAN TRUCK" Crawler.

High pinion Dana 60 front and rear, 5.38 gears, air lockers, 4" long arm Teraflex suspension
T&T Hyline armor kit running 40" BFG's