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We know 4x4, that's all we do.

These are the "General" steps we take for each build. Each customer has different needs and concerns and we do everything we can to accommodate each individual situation. We have adjusted payment plans to accommodate the customers circumstances as well.

There is one major point that we must make very clear. Any changes to the build required by the customer after the build begins will affect the overall cost of the build and therefore nullifies the original agreement. Additions can and usually do add labor and parts costs that will be added either when installed or at the end of the build.

We have two different general levels of restoration. 

They are Level 1:Body off build and Level 2: Frame off build

Level 1: Body off build. Cost generally in the $40-50K range based on truck condition and options wanted.
 Normally we have to perform the body off restorations when the rust damage is too severe for the body on restorations. When the rusted areas must be accessed by getting to the underside of the body. We will remove the body from the frame.The body is completely stripped, sand blasted, repaired, seams are sealed and the body is primed prepped and painted. Reassembled and readied for delivery. 
Generally we do not get too involved with repair to the drive train, frame or suspension. But we can perform improvements if needed or required by the customer.

Level 2: Frame off build. Cost generally in the $50-80K range based on trucks condition and options wanted.
This is our ultimate build. The customer will receive a "new" Classic Bronco when the build is done.
Every bolt and screw is removed, referb or replaced. All functions are rebuild or replaced with upgraded components. The customer has a nearly endless option list for upgrades. These builds may take a year or more depending on the amount of customization.      
Here at Bronco Connection we take a tremendous amount of pride in our award winning restorations. Each and every build leaves with a part of us and our reputation for perfection and craftsmanship.
Over the years we have answered allot of questions from potential customers concerning what we include in our restorations. Specifically this is a very difficult question to answer due to the fact that the Broncos we see are from 34 to 45 years old. Every Bronco we see is in a different condition than the last. On top of that each customer has a different vision of what they want when the project is done.
So for us to be able to give a specific estimate of what a project will cost will take conversation with the customer and  physical inspection of the project rig.
Normally our procedure leading up to a customer and Bronco Connection commitment will include several necessary steps.
1) We discuss what the customer is looking for in terms of a build in general terms.
2) The customer will forward as many pictures of the project Bronco as possible. Pics must be taken from all possible angles, any damage or rusted areas need to be shown etc.. If the customer is looking to buy one of the Bronco we have for sale we will send them any information they require to make a very informed decision on their purchase.
3) Once we receive the pictures we will contact the customer to discuss what is shown. At this time we will take notes on what the customer would like to have done, any options will be noted.
4) We will develop a formal estimate for the build then email it to the customer for any additions, subtractions and/or clarifications. Bronco Connection will bill according to actual time and materials used on a build.

5)A final estimate is drawn up and forwarded to the customer for their approval
6) 30% of the estimated build cost is required as a down payment before the build can be placed in our shop schedule. 
7) The project Bronco is shipped or delivered to us for the project to begin.
8)The project begins with a complete physical inspection to compare the estimated condition to the actual physical condition. We have found that about 10% of the time the original pictures do not show some hidden rust or damage that will affect the project cost in a dramatic way. If there is anything found during the inspection that will affect the project cost the customer is notified and the estimate is changed to reflect the actual costs. Again, Bronco Connection will bill according to time and materials used on a build of any type.
9)Project Bronco is disassembled as per the restoration level parameters and estimate. Any body sheet metal and drive components that need work is disassembled, repaired or replaced as per the resto level parameters and agreed to estimate.
10) Bronco Connection bills monthly for work and parts acquired in that month. Once the down payment amount has been invoiced the customer is required to make the progress payment when presented.
11) The body and other components are refurbished, repainted etc.. Drive train components are reassembled, body is installed interior installed.
12)The Bronco is brought back to life, tuned and test driven.
13) The final balance is required paid before the Bronco is shipped or picked up.
14) Another happy customer takes delivery of a brand new Bronco that will last another 40 years!!

We are the largest Bronco only restoration shop in the world!!

We keep all aspects of our restorations in house!
Other restorations shops farm out many of the important component builds.
Here at Bronco Connection we rebuild everything ourselves even the interiors. 
The only things we have done outside of the shop is the machine work 
done to the engines and dyno testing the automatic transmissions.
Everything else is done here on the premises. We have total control over timing,
 quality and cost that way. 
You can be assured we warrant all our work.
Our trucks have unmatched design, workmanship and quality.
No one does it better!!

We are the largest Bronco only restoration shop in the world!!
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