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We know 4x4, that's all we do.
Necessity is the mother of invention.

In 1999 I found myself trying to finish restoring my 1977 Bronco. For the previous 3 years we had been scrounging everywhere for Bronco specific parts to get it put together. I even bought a couple basket case Broncos to part out just to have the needed parts to finish my Bronco. 
Finding replacement early Bronco parts at a fair price was a challenge and in many cases still is. Many of the parts I needed were not available anywhere and other used part suppliers were awfully proud of what they had available. So when I finished my project, we were left with lots of good used parts. What was I to do with them?

My son and I figured we would try selling them on the Internet. After posting the parts for sale we were overwhelmed by the response. 

We were not alone in the world of Bronco owners looking for fairly priced, good new and used parts for our Classic Ford Bronco.

So out of this experience Bronco Connection was born.

At the time I was a Fleet Manager for a baking company and Bronco Connection was a simple hobby. My then 12 year old son and I spent many hours working to provide people all over the US with good used Bronco parts.

As time went on we moved our operation from Hastings NE to Norfolk NE as my career in the transportation industry grew. 10 years later I found myself as a Vice President of one of the largest steel distribution companies in the US. 

Bronco Connection had grown during this time as well. 

My son has worked his way through high school and college working on Broncos. (flunking art history also by the way, we are so proud, not!!)

By 2009 we had built the business to a point that a decision had to be made.

My job had become a hobby and my hobby had become my job. Something had to give, so we decided to leave corporate life and live the dream, bad economy and all. 

Thanks to you, our valued customers, we made the right decision. We expanded from the original 3000 sq ft building we had been in since 2004 to a 10000 sq ft building in 2010. We wanted to add products and services as well as staff so that we could provide even more high quality early Bronco parts and restorations. 

Since 2009 we have grown from 2 full time and one part time employee to over 15 full time positions. We used to get 1-2 restorations done per year and now in 2016 we need to get 2 restorations done a month to keep up!!

In Feb 2013 my son Sam decided to come back into the business full time. He had been burned out on Broncos and for about three years worked for a local hose mfg company. After learning that Dad was not all that bad as a boss.Yes, he learned that others can be much worse. He decided to come back into the business.

In July 2013 my wife Brenda decided to end her carrier in the HR office of the local hospital system to join the business as our office/HR manager and upholsterer. She answers the phone from time to time and is the person responsible for the killer interiors we are installing.

My two daughters have yet to show interest, but who knows? Time will tell.

In Jan 2014 we moved into a newer, much larger building. We are now in a 25000 sq ft building which will allow us to hire more employees, bring in more parts inventory and generally expand our business into other areas.

As the saying goes "If you are not growing, you are dieing" we are certainly alive and well!!!!

As of Feb 22 2016 we have 26 trucks under construction for customers from all over the world. This makes us the largest Bronco specific restoration shop in the world!! 

Look for new product offerings, services and project Broncos. We thank all of our past customers and look forward to meeting many new customers in the future.

Thank you for our success.

The Jones's 
The story of Bronco Connection LLC

Bronco Parts - The Beginnings of Bronco Connection LLC